Character TraitsEdit

Name- Chansey 

Voiced By- Jess/Tehtnicasolis

Age- (Pokémon) Level 30. (Human) 27 Years Old.

Date Of Birth- 12 May

Birth Place- Suckock City

Best Friends- Nurse Joy, Happiny and Pichu.

Other Friends- Rita, Alakazam and Piplup.

Enemies- Rhyhorn, Lickilicki, Grotle.

Family- Mother: Blissey. Daughter: Happiny.

Nature- Calm, Warm, Sarcastic.

Ambitions- She wants to be a successful Pokémon Nurse.

Talents- Cooking, Cleaning and Healing.

Current Moves: Softboiled, Take-Down, Metronome and Egg Bomb.

Character BioEdit

Chansey is very protective of her daughter after what Happiny's Dad did to her. Which is why she spent every second with her since her husband was imprisoned. The shock of that made her never trust men again and turned her into a lesbian. (Seems Legit). Anyway, she hadn't ever been away from her daughter until the day she was kidnapped by the TATT. Overall, she is a kind mother who cares about her daughter deeply and accepts her and her psychosis for she blames herself for not stopping the abuse quicker.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Story time! Are you all sitting comfortably?"

"Well, you see…Happiny is like a fun-fair ride. She's Fucking mental."

"Now now, settle down. I'm starting…

Once upon a time…In a world where dildo's are people. Lived a young condom called Bobert. Bobert was sick and tired of people shoving him up assess, vagina's and other places that shall not be mentioned for their is a minor in the room. Your welcome Piplup.Anyway, Bobert decided to  take a stand. He got a lollipop stick, an A14 piece of paper and wrote words he wanted to say for a while. So, what did he write? I'm glad you asked, he wrote these words…CONDOM'S ARE PEOPLE TOO!

He went around his home town…um…Dildopolis. And he protested for condom rights. After persecution, ridicule and despair…he finally got his wish. The Dildopilan council decided to make a new law…And that, kids…is how socks came to be made."