Character TraitsEdit

Name- Chickorita

Voiced By- Jess/Tehtnicasolis

Age- (Pokémon) Level 15. (Human) 16 Years Old.

Date Of Birth- 29 May.

Birth Place- The Scrotum Estate.

Best Friends- Alakazam, Pichu, Chansey.

Other Friends- Piplup, Happiny, Nurse Joy.

Enemies- Rhyhorn, Lickilicki, Grotle.

Family- Mother: Meganium. Father: Bayleef. Brother: Chicko.

Nature- Enthusiastic, Optimistic and Friendly.

Ambitions- She wants to become a famous Pokémon Contest Champion.

Talents- Singing, Battling, Performing and Modelling.

Current Moves: Tackle, Razor Leaf, Vine Whip and Solarbeam.

Character BioEdit

Chickorita was born in the Scrotum Estate a year after Alakazam. She was always a happy baby and was always giggling. Her parent's had to work alot as they were a Pokémon Champion's Pokémon, and so Chickorita rarely got to see her parents. Which is why she spent most of her life with Zammy. She also has suffered from abandoment issues since. Zammy and her used to play together everyday when they were children, much to Zammy's annoyance. However, despite his cynical nature he was always really close to her. Which is why when they grew up, and also grew apart Chickorita became depressed that her best friend for 15 years had grown tired of her. 

Chickorita was always missing her parents as a child, so she decided that she would become a famous Pokémon Contest Champion and then maybe she might make them proud. Finally, she would get their attention. She spent her entire teens training to be a contestant. She would use her moves to make pictures in rocks. She would even use vine whip to perform ribbon dances. However, due to her lack of friends Zammy ended up being the audience for every show, and every performance and every, single, little fox trot...Yeah. You can kind of see why he hates his life. 

Overall, she is a friendly, caring and optimistic girl, who can be naive at times, but she takes charge when necessary. She cares about her friends and would sacrifice herself to say them. She has a slight inferiority complex, but is always reassured when Zammy reminds her that she is a nice, caring and friendly person. She has an enthusiastic personality, and is determined to become a WORLD WIDE POKÉMON CONTEST CHAMPION!

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Hi, my name's Chickorita. But you can just call me Rita for short."

"Vaginal-Sanditus? I don't think that's a thing Pip."

"Ugh! No… poor Togepi… it's okay… i love you… heavens a better place."

"Did anyone else have nightmares about Dildopolis?"

"I must say, i'm not supposed to insult the show, i mean that's your job, but, the way the route's are designed is just lazy."