Character TraitsEdit

Name- Grotle.

Voiced By- CJ/Calistus Jay.

Age- (Pokémon) Level 21. (Human) Bitch Years Old.

Date Of Birth- Bitch.

Birth Place- Tight-Ass Town.

Best Friends- Licklicki, Rhyhorn.

Other Friends- Magmortar, (Briefly) Chickorita.

Enemies- Chickorita, Alakazam, Piplup, Pichu, Happiny, Chansey and Nurse Joy.

Family- Bitch.

Nature- Black, Hippie and Bitch.

Ambitions- Bitch.

Talents- Battling, Tree-hugging and Bitch.

Current Moves: Tackle, Razor Leaf, Bite and Leaf Storm. 

Character BioEdit

He's a hippie becuase his mother and dad were. He's black because his mother and dad were. Bitch.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Branding the asians as we support trafficking!"

"And with soaking wet wank-stains, I am Grotle."

"I know right. All the foliage…and flowers…oh…I'm having…a…leafgasm."

"Remember that girl I slept with last month, what was it…Chlamidya?

Rhyhorn: Uh…Oh yeah.

Grotle: Well, turned out she had pubic ants."

"Fly my pretty's fly!..or scamper…or walk at an unbearably slow pace…or just stop altogether…"

"Bitch. He be a girly mother fucker."