Character TraitsEdit

Name- Happiny

Voiced By- Jess/Tehtnicasolis

Age- (Pokémon) Level 5. (Human) 7 Years Old.

Date Of Birth- 30 October

Birth Place- Suckock City

Best Friends- Pichu, Piplup, Chansey.

Other Friends- Rita And Alakazam

Enemies- Rhyhorn, Lickilicki, Grotle, Nurse Joy.

Family- Mother: Chansey. Grandmother: Blissey.

Nature- Bi-Polar, Gleeful, Cruel.

Ambitions- She wants to be a Pokémon Nurse so she can stay with her mother forever.

Talents- Cooking, Battling and Healing.

Current Moves: Rollout, Metronome, Double-Edge and Protect.

Character BioEdit

Okay...I have no idea why Happiny is a fucking psychopath. But...Here goes. Happiny's Father used to rape her which didn't help the fact that she already had Bi-Polar. Her dad also used to ejaculate into her food, which is why she has an obsession with semeny food. When her mother found out she put him in prison, and saved Happiny after 7 years of torture. Causing Happiny to view Chansey as her protector and thus causing her to develop emotional attachment and dependancy on her Mother. Solid parenting there Chansey.

Memorable QuotesEdit


"You're gonna find him, you're gonna invite him back into the group and we're gonna eat him."


"Well. Look how the tables have turned. At first, you were all like. Happiny. Stop licking knives. Or, Happiny. Stop being weird. Or Happiny. Stop disembowelling the neighbours cat. But as soon as people start getting kidnapped look who's all suddenly Little Miss Popular."

"What she doesn't know is, the milk in the cereal is Nurse Joy's Breast-milk. The ice cream is semen and the tomato soup…let's just say, that also came from Nurse Joy."

"Lol, I lied. It's all lies! EVERYTHING IS A LIE!"