Character TraitsEdit

Name- Lickilicki 5 dolla

Voiced By- CJ/Calistus Jay

Age- (Pokémon) Level 20. (Human) 17 Years Old.

Date Of Birth- 29 Febuary (ODD BALL)

Birth Place- Tight-Ass Town

Best Friends- Rhyhorn and Grotle.

Other Friends- Magmortar and (Briefly) Chickorita.

Enemies- Chickorita, Alakazam, Piplup, Pichu, Happiny, Chansey and Nurse Joy.

Family- He's so lonely.

Nature- Nerdy, Bitchy and Snobby.

Ambitions- He wants to be recognised as an original character!

Talents- Science, Computers and Math.

Current Moves: Lick, Acid, Sludge Bomb and Take-Down.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Great idea, swimming to Unovag. Well done Grotle. All you did was get us wet."

"…No, no, no. Computers should be worshipped, not flooded with porn…unless its 2 girls one cup…that is some smexy shit."

"Is it just me or are you and Piplup the only characters that get monologues?"

"Masturbating, all over the place!"

"Prepare for trouble, from my ass."

"I guess we really are just here, so that this show has villains."