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Hey Guys! This is the Official Pokémongs Wikipedia Page! Wooo!!!!!!...Anyway. Here, you can find out any information about the Pokémongs Universe. Yay. So, I hope you enjoy reading about your favourite characters and maybe even learn things about the Mongverse you never knew before. Have fun kiddies!- Vaginal Sand. DAMN IT PIPLUP!

List Of Episodes

Season 1-


Piplup is 10 times better than this ripoff.

Episode One: All For Mong And Mong For All

Episode Two: What's Mong Is Yours

Episode Three: Mongception

Episode Four: Mong-Napped

Episode Five: The Sound Of Mongsic

Episode Six: Mongs Are What Their Mother's Made Them

Episode Seven: Mongtest Trials

Episode Eight: What's Mong Is Mong

Episode Nine: Mongs In A Maze

Episode Ten: Until We Mong Again

Season One- Movie: Keldeo- And The Orb Of Cillus