Character TraitsEdit

Name- Joy Cadgeagoogoo

Voiced By- Emily/Kyra Ollenbittle

Age- 25 Years Old.

Date Of Birth- 1 January

Birth Place- Vagina Village

Best Friends- Chansey, Pichu and Happiny.

Other Friends- Rita And Piplup.

Enemies- Rhyhorn, Lickilicki, Grotle, Alakazam.

Family- Sister: Joy (Lives in the Unovag Region)

Nature- Cheerful, Slow (In the head) and Ditsy.

Ambitions- She wants to be..........the very best. Like no Essex girl ever was~

Talents- Healing, Cleaning and SINGING!? WHAT!?

Current Moves: ...PONIES!

Character BioEdit

Nurse Joy was born into a family of future nurses. She was the 3rd born in a 397 child family. God...That poor mother's uterus. Anyway, she was brought up in a small caravan with 397 FUCKING KIDS!?!?!? In the outskirts of Essex. She was always pretty poor as a kid and so went into the family business, nursing. She tries to be upper class, for Chansey, but she often fails.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Hello, my name is Joy from customer services. How may I help you?"


"Um…Dat was… oh yeah, it was when we was helping these little Bonsly's. It was so cute it was, he was using he three little green ball fingies as dildo's, and was pleasuring, a mime Jr., an Azurill and a Togepi. Fucking sluts. So, to answer your question, i haven't seen her in 2 days."

"I'd buy it…I mean, illegally download it."

"Oh yeah…Are you ready to have your…colonoscopy?"