Character TraitsEdit

Name- Pichu

Voiced By- CJ/Calistus Jay

Age- (Pokémon) Level 14. (Human) 14 Years Old.

Date Of Birth- 26 December.

Birth Place- Tight-Ass Town.

Best Friends- Happiny, Alakazam, Rita and Chansey.

Other Friends- Piplup, Nurse Joy and Magmortar.

Enemies- Rhyhorn, Lickilicki, Grotle.

Family- Mother: Pikachu. Father: Raichu. Sister: Pikarina (Karina).

Nature- Friendly, Gleeful but Sometimes Depressed.

Ambitions- He wants to become a Champion's Pokémon Translator. 

Talents- Being Cute, Accent's and Translating.

Current Moves: Quick Attack, Thunder, Thunder-Punch and Screech.

Character BioEdit

Pichu was always overlooked as a kid. His sister became successful at a young age. And so, he was always pushed aside. Because of this, Pichu was always trying to get attention, primarily by pretending not to know english as it made him more cute. And innocent? How the hell should I know, It's not like I wrote the show or anything...

Anyway, Pichu prides himself on being cute and has a tendency to want to out do everyone in order to get noticed. But, deep down he's just lonely, (Which is why he followed the gang in the first place). But now he's happy to finally have a group of friends to call his own.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"God, I'm so depressed… I have the crappiest lines in the show. And I'm always forgotten about. Not to mention, the first episode I present, and it's filler. Sigh…Though, I do have one question…Who the fuck is Simon Cowell?"

"Don't worry guys, i'm not a psychopath. And I can understand Retard."

"There's a plot in this show?"

"Pichu! Pichu pi!"

"What the fucks, Japanese?"