Character TraitsEdit

Name- Piplup

Voiced By- CJ/Calistus Jay

Age- (Pokémon) Level 10 (Human) 12 Years Old.

Date Of Birth- PONIES!

Birth Place- Tight-Ass Town

Best Friends- Happiny, Pichu, Rita, Nurse Joy.

Other Friends- Rita and Alakazam.

Enemies- He is way too gleeful.

Family- There's probably a sad woman out there who experienced a failed abortion.

Nature- Cheerful, Proud and Jokey. 

Ambitions- He wants to find a sex-friend willing to do whatever he wants...this is rare.

Talents- Sex, One-line Jokes and Making People Feel Awkward.

Current Moves: Hyper Beam, Hydro Pump, Solar Beam...and Splash...

Character BioEdit

If I tried to create a back story for this character. I'd probably end up in a coma from eating my own faeces. So...yeah.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"That guy looks like she's selling drugs. I'm off."

"Holy mother of fuckballs! It's a flying demented, monkey, lion, demon, hell-beast, satanic, meaty, Pony Monster!"

"Hey, I live to serve…mostly regarding oral…or anal..or naval…or nasal…"

"Twas the day before valentines and all through the stores

Pimps were out buying chocolate for their whores.

Twas the day before Valentines and all through the land

Alakazam's all had vaginal sand."

"Heheh…Escort…Oh, another word for a hooker is your mum, and another word for your mum is an escort."

"Well then, I know a certain little Zammy that's sleeping up my ass tonight."