This episode begins with Happiny and Piplup sharing jokes with eachother. But Piplup goes to the Director saying that he thinks he should be the cute mascot character, not the joker. So, the director gives him a chance...

The gang finally make their way to Suckock City! They walk into the Pokémon Centre to find Nurse Joy. After a brief conversation about Happiny's Mother: Chansey, they realise that missing! So, the gang decide to split up and search the area for Chansey. Chickorita and Alakazam, Piplup and Pichu and Happiny and Nurse Joy all come across Chansey in a cage...but which is the real Chansey?

Chickorita and Zammy attempt to rescue Chansey only to realise it is a hologram, they get captured by a net trap. And are confronted by the TATT. Pichu realises that Chansey is a hologram before they go near the trap, causing Piplup to worry about Rita and Zammy. Piplup and Pichu find Rita and Zammy imprisoned and Pichu knocks the TATT out in one hit, then they proceed to save Rita and Alakazam. Meanwhile, Happiny and Joy find the actual Chansey, however they can't let her out of the cage, because there's no key! Will they ever be able to let Chansey free?








Nurse Joy







Written by: Calistus Jay and Jessica Armstrong.

Directed by: Calistus Jay.

Chickorita Voiced By Jessica Armstrong.

Alakazam Voiced By: Zachary Shulfer.

Piplup Voiced By: Calistus Jay.

Pichu Voiced By: Calistus Jay.

Happiny Voiced By: Jessica Armstrong.

Chansey Voiced By: Jessica Armstrong.

Nurse Joy Voiced By: Emily Hossack.

Rhyhorn Voiced By: James Pike.

Lickilicki Voiced By: Calistus Jay.

Grotle Voiced By: Calistus Jay.

Magmortar Voiced By: Andrew Milsom.

Director Voiced By: Calistus Jay.


  • Omoide no Tokimeki
  • Pokémongs Credits
  • Egao
  • Fukinukeru Kaze
  • Itsumo no Fuukei
  • Shin Gakki
  • Nanika ga Okashii
  • Satsuki to Keichiirou
  • Cooking Song
  • Team Rocket Motto Instrumental
  • Oi Oi* A' ttoui ma no 3 Nenkan
  • Alakazam's Theme Instrumental
  • Pokémon Battle Theme
  • Hikaru's Ringtone