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The first Pokémongs episode begins with Chickorita exclaiming her aspirations for the future. Only to be rudely interupted by Alakazam. These two young Pokémon are on their way to Tight-Ass Town. But they have lost their way in the middle of Route 01. They come across a random Piplup. The strange little Piplup takes them to the next town and in favour gets to join their little team. They come across a barren, empty town. No one in the PC, no one on the Pokémart. They are intrigued by this so they decide to investigate...

While searching for the resident's of Tight-Ass Town, they come across the Tight-Ass-Touchers-Team (TATT). The evil gang that causes trouble around the town. After confronting the TATT, winning the battle, they come across a large shipping container in the middle of the town. They open it, finding lots of Pokémon and trainers, re-populating the town. After a long days work they get ready to go to the next town. Only to find...they can't get out of there...just yet...










Written by: Calistus Jay and Jessica Armstrong.

Directed by: Calistus Jay.

Chickorita Voiced By Jessica Armstrong.

Alakazam Voiced By Zachary Shulfer.

Piplup Voiced By: Calistus Jay.

Rhyhorn Voiced By: James Pike.

Lickilicki Voiced By: Calistus Jay.

Grotle Voiced By: Calistus Jay.

Pichu Voiced By: Calistus Jay.

Music Edit

  • Pokémongs Credits
  • Satsuki to Keichiirou
  • Fukinukeru Kaze
  • Oi Oi
  • Shin Gakki
  • Nagaki ga Okashii
  • OHSHC 6
  • Pokémon Battle Theme
  • A' ttoiu ma no 3 Nenkan
  • OHSHC 10
  • Omoide no tokimeki
  • Hikaru's Ringtone