This episode begins with the gang attempting to leave Tight-Ass Town. Only to realise that they need to stock up on supplies first. But...where are the Pokémon Clerks? The Gang go to the Pokémon Maket to investigate but stop when they realise that they are being followed by a Pichu. The Pichu shows the gang his moves and he is proven strong enough to join the team! With their newly acquired member, they travel to the Pokémart. Only to find the TATT there, causing trouble. In a confrontation with the TATT, all of the fighters use their strongest moves against eachother. Causing an explosion. Piplup gets hit by Lickilicki's Acid attack. Our hero's wake up, victorious from the battle. Only to find that Piplup is now high from the acid. In Piplup's delirium, he imagine's Pichu saying that the clerks are in the Pokémon Centre Basement. Our hero's continue on anyway. 

They decide to head to the Pokémon Gym and speak to the wise Pokémon that lives there...Magmortar. They walk to the Gym and confide in Magmortar. Zammy becomes infuriated by Magmortar's apparently useless advice and annoys Magmortar to the point where Magmortar flamethrowers Alakazam into a wall. Zammy wakes up in the Pokémon Centre and quickly recovers. They then head out. Piplup, now acid-free remembers what he imagined Pichu saying, and the team decide to give it a shot. They head to the Pokémon Centre basement and find the clerks there tied up. They free them. With free supplies in hand and a dream in their hearts, our hero's embark on the road to Suckock City!










Pokémon Clerks


Written by: Calistus Jay and Jessica Armstrong.

Directed by: Calistus Jay.

Chickorita Voiced By: Jessica Armstrong.

Alakazam Voiced By: Zachary Shulfer

Piplup Voiced By: Calistus Jay.

Pichu Voiced By: Calistus Jay.

Rhyhorn Voiced By: James Pike.

Lickilicki Voiced By: Calistus Jay.

Grotle Voiced By: Calistus Jay.

Magmortar Voiced By: Andrew Milsom.

Pokémon Clerks Voiced By: James Pike.


  • Nagaki ga Okashii
  • Pokémongs Credits
  • Itsumo no Fuukei
  • Pokémon Battle Theme
  • Omoide no tokimeki
  • Oi Oi
  • OHSHC 12
  • Heads/Tails
  • Fukinukeru Kaze
  • Egao
  • Shin Gakki
  • Greening
  • Omoide no tokimeki
  • Hikaru's Ringtone